Logs rather than blogs

A few short words regarding blogs:

I am new to blogging, I mean logging. I’ve never liked the word blog, perhaps that’s one reason why I’ve been reluctant to begin a blog. The word has always felt funny, a mixture of blobs and boogers. Often what is blogged about is banal, benign, with no real seeming power or merit. Perhaps I am chopping the leg I’m standing on, but in all honesty, that is how I’ve felt about most blogs. And yet, it is simply a medium, a way to communicate, a way to connect. So perhaps I am not frustrated with the blog, but with the blogger.

Some blogging is rich and deep and sweet, while others are flippant and floppy. A bad blog feels like I’m stuck in the clutches of a frustrated and frenzied phrenologist. And so for myself, I have decided to hone my craft, or perhaps simply begin my craft, with the hopes of honing. I will keep typing and typing, aiming to cultivate and develop a skill I feel God wants me to better steward, always aware that I don’t want to be another boring and banal blogger. So one way that I am seeking to combat this is to change the name. This isn’t a blog, this is a log.

A log, is like a journal, a recording, a reckoning of what is important. A log is kept so that others can put the pieces together and validate what transpired and who did what, when, where, and why. So this is my log, my opportunity and privilege to record for both present and posterity, a bit of what I see going on in my world, and what I am discovering in my own life and in the life of those around me.

And so I encourage you to read, reflect, respond. Take these logs, consider their paths, and hopefully they will shed some light on your path as you seek to listen to God’s Spirit and walk the path Christ has called for you. Submit all these thoughts and reflections to the counsel of God’s Holy Word. These logs will wither, Christ’s word endures forever. Yet this doesn’t mean we simply bury our gifts, rather we humbly develop and use the skills Christ has given to create and see His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven; we were created by our Creator to create. To God be the glory!

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