The Columbia Gorge

The wide open space of glory and graceYields cries of wonder, seeking heaven’s face The vast expanseOf heaven and earthBright blue skiesDeep blue river wideBrown green land nestled betweenSojourners travel and traverse unseen Eagles, hawks, and ravens soarAs sunshine above warms and poursDown down the shadows roamAs graceful waters travel homeHerons, loons, and sea-bound gullsFloatContinue reading “The Columbia Gorge”

Life Together as One

My parents’ life together began Thanksgiving Day 1968 in South Korea. Both of them arrived in Korea in August 1968. My mother, a recent college grad, was serving a two year teaching term at Korea Christian Academy in Taejun. My father enlisted in the Army as the conflict in Vietnam fomented. He was eventually stationedContinue reading “Life Together as One”