The Columbia Gorge

The wide open space of glory and grace
Yields cries of wonder, seeking heaven’s face

The vast expanse
Of heaven and earth
Bright blue skies
Deep blue river wide
Brown green land nestled between
Sojourners travel and traverse unseen

Eagles, hawks, and ravens soar
As sunshine above warms and pours
Down down the shadows roam
As graceful waters travel home
Herons, loons, and sea-bound gulls
Float and fly while gravity pulls

Heaven sent, The water descends
Making cold summits white
It remains and holds
Til Spring’s thaw let’s go
And down again water descends

Running deep rivers wide
Another journey through time
The wind howls and whitecaps peak
As trees shiver and sway to an invisible beat
As gusts subside, the waters turn glass
Reflecting, remembering, revealing what lasts

Mighty cliffs, linger and loom
Shaped from water’s glorious deluge
Yet through fury, beauty’s born new
Around time’s bend, in distant view
Snow capped peaks pierce the blue
Reaching for heaven,
Climbing to glory
Their presence whispers and screams

Pockets of people
Buildings and steeples
Congregations seek solace near water’s edge
Searching for shelter, in churches and sheds
Kingdoms rise, kingdoms fall
Man and woman die, four walls


On transient tracks, rolls time’s train
With one final glance
As shadows roll in upon canyons deep
Quiet and glorious, graze the big horn sheep

Liberating, captivating, such beauty, such grace
Feet touching cool earth, gazing into heaven’s face

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