The Adventure of Hope

Days grow dim

Evening seems to win

Yet hope stirs…

As Christmas time begins

The Season of Advent has begun. As Lent brings time of reflection before the celebration of Resurrection, Advent stirs hearts with hope; we long for the Christ who came, to come again.

Good God became Man, the Good Man, the God Man. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Yet this crying babe in a manger grew up, and perfect peace, loving light, gentle grace was mocked, discarded, rejected by men and women, boys and girls, young and old, rich and poor, those shadowed and seduced by darkness.

Darkness had its way, the Christ was crucified, laid in a grave. Light, love, life, snuffed out, silenced by the self-aggrandizing of man. Yet this was all part of the plan. The Lion would win, crushing sin, as the Lamb was slain, and earth by His blood was stained.

As earth first drank the curse of Abel’s red, the earth was blessed as Jesus bled. By His wounds we are healed. The worst travesty, innocence defiled and betrayed, broke shame’s cage as Christ rose again. Death died, night had its final day, as the Son rose from that grave.

The Son rose and now He reigns. For the final trumpet to sound, we wait in hope. We’ve tasted new wine, drunk deep the sweetness of our salvation. Each Advent, each Christmas time, we long more and more for the Christ to come again, making all things new, bringing heaven to earth, and everlasting joy and cheer, for all who’ve kissed the Son.

This Christmas time, this Advent, may our hearts celebrate and hope, the now but not yet. Christ has come, Christ will come again.

The Spirit and the Bride cry, “Come Lord Jesus, Come!”

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